Welcome to To Hell And Back

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Welcome to To Hell And Back

Post  Icecast on Sat Oct 03, 2009 5:06 pm

HI, welcome to our site. This is for Dynamis only. Runs will be wednesday 12pm est/5pm gmt and saturday 1pm est/6pm gmt. Hope these time work for everyone. If not they may be subject to change. Well we're off and running, seems we're doing well. I hope to keep getting stronger as we go, and that everyone enjoys themselves along the way. Thanks and enjoy!!!

Our next run is Wed. Fed. 3rd at 12pm est~5pm gmt. please gather at 11:30am est in Bastok!!!
Farmin run, so be ready.See you then!!!

Next Bastok. Going to farm, and see what happens, if all goes well, we clear saturday!!!


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