About Upcoming Runs!

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About Upcoming Runs!

Post  Icecast on Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:10 am

Well now comes the time to start venturing out. I'm curious on a few things, mostly though it's the number of people that attend. I'm hoping that we soon have enough to move on to places like Xacabard, but at this time we still need more dedicated jobs, i.e. Blm, Pld, and pup (lol j/k). I understand that people cant commit to runs, i myself had a week that i worked durning both weekly runs. None the less, Tuesday Dec. 22nd we may either do jueno or windy. I will update site to keep everyone informed. And yet again, We cant begin to mention how important it is for everyone to post an app. so we can set dedicated jobs for upcoming runs. I do feel that we've had a few decent runs so far. I hope that we grow as a group, and continue to do do well, and eventually become the dynamis shell i know we can be. See you all at the runs. If you have any questions, send myself, sammious, rubbaducky, fedian, or homstar a tell and we'll be glad to help you out.

See you there!


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