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Post  Icecast on Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:12 am

Point System: You will receive 1 point per attendance. These point will be used to comment/lot af2 in Iceland/dreamland areas. Total of 3 points is needed to lot af2. AF2 in cities I.E. Bastok, will not require points to comment/lot af2.

Lotting System: As af2 drops, those who have commented af2 will lot the corresponding af. If a af2 drop is NOT commented it will go free lot in the following order... Free lot 75's, 70+,60+,50+ Free lot all. Max 3 af per run! 100's and af2 with comment of MONEY will be a cost of 3 points.

Dynamis Currency: 1st 70 singles(bastok) & 1st 50 singles(sandy,windy) goes to leaders in order to pay for upcoming runs. 100 currency may be lotted given comment is posted. If no comment for MONEY is made, 1st goes to bank and any after that will be free lot, I.E. 2nd, 3rd, etc. (subject to change as shell grows). 3 points will be required to lot 100's. Max 2 100's per run per person. Items I.E. Wootz Ore has a limit of 2 per person per run. After the 1st coins are secured by leaders for entry payment, all single will just drop to whomever. There is NO limit to how many single coins you may obtain.

What is a money drop: Money drops that can be lotted are and will only be 100's and Wootz Ore. This is to help from having people staring at the treasure pool screen, which can cause mistakes we dont want to make. Wootz Ores will not cost points to lot, but 100's as mentioned before will. So if during the run you see either of these items fall, then if commented money, you may lot. Please try to not frequent the treasure pool screen. Only go in it to lot af or money drops.

Jobs requirements: In order to complete a succesfull farming/clearing run, please come the given job you are asked to come so there is every given chance for success.


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